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My second home. Still undefeated in games attended. :)


I was planning a long winded analytical post about why signing Bobby Abreu would be good for the Twins, as they need a left handed bat off the bench now that Sean Burroughs was released (and hey he sucked out loud anyways). But here’s all you need to know:

Abreu’s wOBA in 2009, 10 and 11:




Clete Thomas’s wOBA in the same years:




This is such a no brainer move (even though Abreu doesn’t have a ton left in the tank) that obviously it will never be made.

This is the strike zone plot for Jonathan Broxton tonight. How those two way to the left got called strikes I’ll never know. Umps must have had a late dinner to get to.


After last night’s 3-2 loss, Angels right fielder (who should have been a right fielder a long time ago because he got by on reputation in CF) Torii Hunter called out manager Mike Scioscia, saying “I don’t think we believe we’re trying that hard…That’s everybody; not just the players” and, regarding a specific question of early in game strategy, “You mean if we bunted in the second? What can we do? All we do is play the game.”

First off, obviously bunting that early is normally stupid and it’s not like a player has never bunted on his own before.

Torii Hunter has a history of throwing people under the bus, making up facts, and generally being a whining child. Oh well, at least he wasn’t racist this time!


Autographed Glen Perkins. Big thanks to the Perkins family, very nice people! #iwantastencil #mntwins (Taken with instagram)

This drawing is #pmki

Welcome to LOL Twins! I have heard not always excellent things about blogging via tumblr, but I think it will serve the purpose well for when I am not in the mood to write lengthy pieces about the Twins (and with this front office and team that will probably be quite often)

So what is LOL Twins? Well it is a blog celebrating the ineptitude of the team and its decision makers. In my mind if the Twins are going to lose and make terrible decisions like giving Nick Blackburn a contract extension and re-signing Matt Capps then I am not going to allow them to make me mad but rather have fun with how much they suck.

What is it not? Well it’s not a blog to question the morals or ethics or work ethic of any player, coach, front office person, etc. associated with the team. I’m not a psychiatrist so if a player goes on a 1 for 24 stretch I’m not going to question his dedication to the game or make ad hominem attacks. Instead I’ll just note that he’s not very good and move on.

So in essence, hopefully this blog will both make you laugh and make you think, perhaps even in equal amounts. Enjoy.